Monday, August 1, 2011

Goliad Uprising

Goliad Uprising - Silly Bunny Pictures

Silent protestors dragged away in handcuffs, tasered and beaten because they held up a cardboard sign? Attention crazed reporters racing to broadcast lies they don't have time to verify? Web applications that know every personal detail about you, sell it for profit or carelessly allow it to be stolen?

It's time for a Goliad Uprising...

What is "Goliad Uprising"? It is one woman and one man's fight to stop a corporate world run amuck. What else is Goliad Uprising? It is when we've decided we have enough of this recklessness with our lives and we're making a movie, a sci-fi thriller, to reclaim our rights to our own lives.

Paul Bright says "It's time for a Goliad Uprising!" Bright, the writer/director/producer of such films as Angora Ranch, Theft, Aaron...Albeit A Sex Hero, Altitude Falling, and the soon-to-be-released Abrupt Decision, will soon begin work on his next feature, Goliad Uprising. "This movie was supposed to have a much bigger budget," Paul revealed, "with investors and profit sharing and all that stuff. Instead of waiting around several years for the financial gurus to bless us with manna from heaven, we're making it ourselves. The script rocks, the story explodes, the cast and crew are ready to go."

To get the ball rolling, Paul opened a page at Indie-GoGo, hoping to have the assistance of filmgoers who would know his work. You know, like me. And like you. As with most of these projects, there is an array of perks that correspond to the tax-deductible donation. $10 will get you a personal and heart-felt "thank you" from Paul. $25 will get you the DVD before the actual DVD release, as well as thanks from Bright. A $40 donation will get you a role in the party scene (in Austin, TX), and you will get your name in the credits, and be listed on IMDb! For a donation of $75, you can name a character in the movie, and even suggest an interesting quirk. $100 will get you dinner with the cast and crew on the set in Austin, TX, a rare treat. These and many more perks are all available to you.

To make your donation, click here to find out the particulars of it all. One look at my DVD library and I knew I would be making my donation, as I have Bright's first four movies on the shelf, with the fifth just waiting for release.

Silly Bunny Picture DVD Covers

The cast includes Indie powerhouse Shannon Lark. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few other familiar faces from his other movies, too. But there is nothing to watch if the funding doesn't come together, so take the time to go here to donate. Share it with your friends, on FaceBook or on Twitter. Just click on the box below to visit the page and let Paul explain it all to you. Take a stand, and let your voice be heard. Make it your own Goliad Uprising.



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