Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brady Earnhart - It's Not Love

Brady Earnhart
Brady Earnhart

I was just listening to this song again today, and think it is just a beautiful song. So I am putting it out there, and hope others appreciate it, too. His music reminds me more of Joni Mitchell that of James Taylor, with the classical and jazz influences adding more subtlety. It's Not Love is off his most recent album, So Few Things.

You can purchase this album on iTunes here, and on Amazon here. To find out more about Brady Earnhart, you can visit his official website here. There is also a wonderful interview with OUTRadio here. Check it out, as well as the other programing by JD Doyle at the Queer Music Heritage site, an amazing resource for LGBT artists and music.

Brady Earnhart - So Few Things



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