Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shane Mack - I Want A CD

Another of my favorite singer/songwriters is Shane Mack, a gorgeous blond with a stunning voice, and an injured soul. As far as I know, Shane has yet to release a CD, but I had found him a few years ago on MySpace, and DL'ed his music. He had several songs I loved, but I was especially fond of 'Lie To Me,' I mean, we've all been there, haven't we?

Then the song was on the soundtrack to the movie 'Shelter,' which is a great movie BTW with some beautiful boys, and was released by HERE! Shane has a couple more songs on that soundtrack, including 'More Than This' and 'I Like That.' They are also excellent, but some of his other songs just speak to me so much more. There is 'Wreckage' - he has an acoustic version I purchased from SnoCap on his MySpace page - and 'Clean' - another acoustic version that makes me think - and 'Last Train Better' - a great song that plays with sanity and tempo - and 'If I Stay' - a gorgeous love song that has lines like 'It hurts if I stay, but it's worse if I stay...away.' Damn.

So, when do I get to buy my Shane Mack CD? I want it!


  1. Howard...I just never knew you were such a big music head!!!! I like this are introducing me to so much new music!!!!

  2. Beth, glad you like him. I luvs my singer/songwriters! I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing, and figure I might as well stick to what I love, which is music.

  3. I like him, too. His writing comes from the heart and goes there, too. Typically I prefer those raspy-voiced male singers (blues, rock, and folk), but those smooth voices like his have their place, too. :-)

  4. Yes,I do enjoy me some Shane Mack. His music is so strong, so sensual.



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