Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Maroon 5 Video • Moves Like Jagger

Moves Like Jagger
Today was the official premiers of the latest video from Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger. The video also features Adam Levine's The Voice co-star, Christina Aguilera, lending her vocal support. Let's watch as Adam Levine and the boys from Maroon 5, guitarist James Valentine, keyboard player Jesse Carmichael, bassist Michael Madden, and drummer Matt Flynn, invite some friends over to see who has Moves Like Jagger.

Now, I know the people who are reading this are really trying to see if I got any screen grabs of a shirtless Adam Levine. Well, of course I did! Whether or not Adam has moves like Jagger is a matter for discussion. But I can tell you that he surely has moves like Levine, and that ain't so bad.

Moves Like Jagger

You can buy the single Moves Like Jagger on their most recent release, Hands All Over, on iTunes here and Amazon here. And you can bookmark this video here. For more about Maroon 5, check out their official website here.


  1. love this song and really like your blog and music choices so i'm following now.

  2. Cute song and adorable video!!


  3. Becca, thank you for your kind words. Hope I hear more from you!

    David, you really mean, cute boy, right? LOL



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