Friday, August 19, 2011

Party Like It's 2001

Friday Nite Out 2001
Clockwise: Janet Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, and Kristine W.

It's another Friday night, and there was a time in my younger days that meant figuring out who was going out to the clubs, when we are going to meet up and where... Now, it means I am making sure I have a blog post up! This week, I thought we would revisit the Dance Hits from 2001, those songs that reached to the top of the Billboard Dance chart, and see if that rings a bell with anyone. And I will start with the song that ruled the chart on February 10. The song is by the Diva of Dance Music Kristine W, and is called Lovin' You. The song made a memorable part of the soundtrack for the first season of Showtime's Queer As Folk.

The next song was not only a hit on the Dance chart, with was also huge on teh Pop chart as well. Janet Jackson's All For You was #1 on the Dance chart for three straight weeks, May 12, 19, and 26. It was also # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 7 weeks, proving the power of a talented woman.

On June 2, it was a true music queen who ruled the chart. Madonna was back on top with the song What It Feels Like For A Girl. Written by Madonna, it challenged society's views and expectations of women, as only Madonna could. The video was directed by Madonna's then-husband, Guy Ritchie, and was quite controversial at the time. Madonna making waves, go figure...

Coming up on the end of the year, the Gods were shining on the Pet Shop Boys, who had their first #1 song 17 years before with West End Girls. On November 10, Break 4 Love by Peter Rauhofer+Pet Shop Boys=The Collaboration was in the #1 position on the Dance chart, proving talented musicians can be rewarded for making good music.

Hope that brought back some great memories, and some smooth dance moves.

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