Monday, August 1, 2011

Call the Doctor • David Tennant

Fright Night David Tennant

I just came across a preview for the movie Fright Night that certainly caught my attention. It had noted that the 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant, was in the cast, and I was trying to find him. Well, it didn't take me that long, but perhaps longer than it should have. As the pictures attest, it is Tennant as I have never seen him before...

Now, if that doesn't have you drooling, keep in mind that the ever sexy Colin Farrell is also in the movie, as the discussed vampire. And damn if he doesn't look as good, if not better than ever...

Fright Night Colin Farrell

So, although the poster doesn't really give us a clue to the seething sensuality of the cast, we now know it. You can find out more about the movie by visiting the official website here. And you can watch the official trailer below.


  1. I don't like the long hair. LOL. But he's as lovely as ever.

  2. Writer, then you must have been glad when he removed that wig... LOL

  3. Howard, I am eager to see what they do with this. I think it could turn our to be a very good remake.

  4. Kyle, I totally agree! I am liking the previews!



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