Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brian Kent • Su-Su-Superstar Release

Brian Kent - Su-Su-Superstar

Award winning recording artist Brian Kent has released his latest single, Su-Su-Superstar, now available on iTunes. The song celebrates what is unique and special about us all, and what makes life amazing. You can purchase it several different ways, as you can buy any single/remix you'd like, as well as Part 1, a 4-track collection featuring the radio edits, and Part 2, an 8-track remix collection with some great remixes from the US and the UK. Perfect for the club, the track is also a great addition to your iPod, for your work-out routine, your run, or to the soundtrack of your busy day. When asked about the release, Brian said, "The new single celebrates the superstar in each and every one of us. I'm very excited for everyone to hear it."

There is also a video in the works featuring the handsome singer, directed by the sexy celebrity photographer, Mike Ruiz. The video is choreographed by Broadway's James Harkness and includes special appearances by The A-List's Mike Ruiz and Rodiney Santiago, Project Runway's Joshua McKinley and other celebrities such as Acid Betty, Sherry Vine and LOGO's Bianca Del Rio. You can be sure once it is completed and released, it will be featured on this blog. For more on the out and proud singer, check out his official website here.

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