Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marshall Crenshaw • Little Wild One (No. 5)

Marshall Crenshaw

In an effort to buy myself a little more time to get my 5 on the Fifth post together, I decided to run the video for one of my favorite Marshall Crenshaw songs, Little Wild One (No. 5). Man, Back in the day I was just crazy about Marshall and his music. He was the original adorkable guy, the good-looking and lovable dork up there playing his music. I was already a fan by the time he released the 1985 album Downtown, so I was thrilled with how much I not only loved the album, but the song Little Wild One (No. 5).

Of course, Marshall's 'big' song was off the 1982 debut, the self-titled Marshall Crenshaw. The album itself was such a charming one, with some really good songs on it. The big single from that album was Someday Someway, and here is Marshall performing it live on Late Night With David Letterman, the first season Letterman had hit late night.

There She Goes Again was the first track off the debut album, and was such a well-written song, filled with heartache and charm. This is Marshall performing it live in 2002.

As I sit here and wonder why people haven't covered Marshall's songs, and get back to work on the Five On The Fifth post, I will let you watch and enjoy. You can find out more about Marshall and what he has been up to lately at his official website here.

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