Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Evening with Robert German

Robert German

I have been unbelievably charmed by Robert German for a few years now, since I happened upon the video for Open Wide, and immediately went out to buy his album, Sirens of Brooklyn. Robert's music tends to defy definition or quick description, so don't bother to try to pigeon hole him. He is one of the only artists I can think of who can be both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the exact same time. Check out his wonderful song, This 2 Shall Pass.

While there is a simplicity to the song, and the instrumentation might seem a bit nostalgic, the subject-matter, tone, and the deep textural nature of the production defies the dated bit, and quickly brings the song to a different, very current place. You can also see it in a series he is doing, called Eat My Shorts. It offers abbreviated songs as little taste morsels, an aural snack. I can tell you, I eat them up! This is Nerdy Boy.

I have yet to see Robert German performing live, but I do hold out hope that it will happen, and happen soon. If you need some more convincing, there was also the somewhat disarming, and a bit disturbing Volume 5: Murderer. There is such an eerie quality, making me think of classical and operatic works.

As one could surmise from the music, Robert is a bright man. He also happens to be sweetheart as well. He lives in New York with his partner, Konstantine Malakos, who sometimes writes with German. You can find out more about Robert by visiting his official webpage here. You can also find him on Twitter here, FaceBook here, and on Google+ here. I will leave you with one more of Robert's delectable treats. He did some reworking of the memorable hit by Destiny's Child, Bootylicious. And while Robert's name might not be the first one that comes to my mind when I think dance music, that might change after hearing this...


  1. yes, I'm a big fan of Robert's as well, thanks for bringing more attention to him.

    JD Doyle

  2. JD, thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I love Robert and his music. But I am also a fan of yours - you have helped me discover some really fantastic LGBT music and musicians.

  3. Hello!

    A polite reminder: 5 on the fifth is a few days away...



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