Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday night with Eva Cassidy

About a year ago I ran a post about Eva Cassidy, and told the story of losing this talented woman way too soon. She was an immense talent, one who could sing songs of just about any genre and quite simply make it her own. When she is singing Chain of Fools, she isn't competing with Aretha - which would be a fool's errand if there ever was one. She just gives it her all.

This one isn't really a live video, as much as it was a live recording she made in 1996, just the lady and her guitar. She tackles a great country song, and put her own definitive spin on it, making is every bit as lovely and heartbreaking as possible. Here she is with Tennessee Waltz.

Is there anything more classic than to sing Irving Berlin's Cheek To Cheek, originally sung by Fred Astaire in the movie Top Hat? Eva manages to put an acoustic jazz feel to it, and sound perfect every step of the way.

What A Wonderful World is a song written by George Douglas and George David Weiss and first recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1968. It is poignant to think that in her final performance at The Bayou in Washington, DC, she closed out the show with the song. Later, she would enter the hospital. She never performed publicly again.

For my earlier post, click here. To celebrate the life of this very talented woman, you can visit this website, put together and maintained by her family where you can learn more about the woman, and be directed where to buy her music. To life, everyone!


  1. That's an amazing artist. As I read this post I remember one of my friends and his love for Eva Cassidy! He always talked about her!

  2. SteveA, she was amazing, so glad it was recorded.



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