Friday, January 21, 2011

Say "Hello" to Yovanni

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Recently, I got an email message from a young man asking if I would take a look at his video. Yovanni was very sweet in the note, so I figured I would take the chance, and check it out. The song is called Hello, and the video was directed by Anthony Dones. Now, I had no idea what to expect, but I can tell you I wasn't expecting to find a video as finished and polished as this was. Stylistically, I would call the video Latin SciFi, kind of a "Miami Trek, the Rock Musical." After watching a gorgeous space traveler, played by Yovanna Lisette, start up her intergalactic iPod, the song rips open with some cool guitar with a strong soul bass line. Soon Cuban-born Yovanni is kicking in some fine vocals, bridging the gap between rock front-man and dance diva. He really heats up the chorus! I think of the song as the place where Rock meets up with Soul and their friend, Dance. Rather than try to explain more, watch it yourself.

Now I knew nothing about this young man, save he could write and email, so I was interested when I noticed there was another video posted, The Making of the 'Hello' Music Video. So I watched that, getting a few insights into the process.

With my curiosity piqued, I did a bit more searching, and found this interview Yovanni had with a New York area television reporter, and found he can tell his own story much better than I could, so I thought I would post it was well.

Yovanni seems like a great guy, and certainly has the talent to succeed. I'd be interested to hear more music from him. To find out more about Yovanni, you can find his official website here. If you are digging the song, you can find it on Amazon.Com here, or on iTunes here. Both are under $5, and are collections of remixes of the song, or you can purchase the song itself.



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