Monday, January 3, 2011

Ivri Does GaGa

As if I am not already excited enough about the release of Ivri Lider's English language album, over Christmas he released a cover of Lady GaGa's Telephone. As I might have mentioned, I can't get enough of the sexy out Israeli pop star, and figure I can't be alone in this. So, I have to share it with you all. Here it is.

Now, as I was trolling his official website (here) for the release date of the album, I discovered not only this cover song, but that it was featured on Christmas Day on ElectroQueer, where you can also get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song. Check it out here.

But, since I am speaking of the new album (which I do all the time, even if it is just to myself, otherwise I am rehearsing my proposal to Ivri), I also found a clip of a song from it. The song, Fly/Forget, and I am quite crazy about the song. Here is a clip I found.

I cannot wait for this new album! You can check out more about Ivri on his official website here. You can check out what ElectroQueer is up to on the blog here.


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