Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rockin' Some Megadeth

Dave Mustaine Megadeth

I once had something nice to say about Mustaine and the band, but since he has found the need to come out and announce his bigotry, I no longer feel the need to support his music.


  1. After 'Symphony' I let Megadeth rest. But I feel you on the occasional need to let 'er rip!

  2. Big Mark, yes, I don't think a steady diet is in order at all, but every so often, the need is there!

  3. A massively pleasant surprise - I'm also a fan of Megadeath. In fact I was just looking at Dave Mustaine's memoir which came out late last year. So Far, So Good, So What - is a good album - I actually have it! Symphony is of course a great one - but I lost track of the band after that!

    My friend Kris insists that they are still awesome - a conversation we had a few days ago.

    Dave Mustaine - Christianity? - now that's shock value!

  4. SteveA, glad to find a kindred spirit. The whole found Christianity thing was indeed shocking!



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