Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Can Buy Tom Goss' Package

The Washington DC-based singer/songwriter has completed work on his new album, Turn It Around, and has made it available for pre-purchase in a variety of different packages, from a digital download, to a vacation with Tom and his husband, Mike, and many a variation in between. I, of course, had to order right away, going for the autographed album as well as an 8 x 10 autographed photograph, which also comes with a digital download as soon as it is available! To check out what is available, and to pre-order your copy, go here.

Tom is a blog favorite, and with nothing yet available for the new album, I thought I would run a video of why my fascination with Tom began - a live performance of his incredible song, Rise. When I heard him sing it when he was opening for Eric Himan, it was pretty much all over for me. Lyrically, the song is just amazing.

You can check it out, and pre-order a package which includes a digital download, the package I ordered, or a all that and a DVD with his videos all iPod ready. There is also a package that includes a cool new t-shirt. You can even go for a house concert, where Tom will play at your house, and entertain your friends. You can also order a limited edition CD with all the songs inspired by his love for Mike, whom he recently married. Or would you be interested in a role in an upcoming video? Or maybe, just maybe, you would like to go on a vacation with Tom and Mike? Well, if you click here, it is all available...

tom goss,delaware pride

Tom is also starting to put dates together for his Spring tour, and make tickets available. So far, their are dates for Washington, DC, Baltimore and Boston at the end of March, but more will be coming. You can check out the information, and order tickets, here. I'm trying to organize my peeps to see when we are going to see him live, cause I know several members of my family can't wait to see him again.

To check out more of his music and his videos, visit Tom's official website here.

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