Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 on the Fifth - January 2011

five on the fifth

It is January 5th, time for Stephen Chapman's Five on the Fifth posts, the first of the new year. I really do enjoy participating in this exercise, cause I love taking pictures. This month Stephen made the suggestion of 'Fun and Games', and I am going to follow that suggestion, as least how it applies to me. As Christmas was so recent, and some other fun things in my schedule, I thought I would use those shots.

5 on the Fifth - Jan 2011
Bryce & Mommy laughing

5 on the Fifth - Jan 2011
Caitlin & Reed playing

5 on the Fifth - Jan 2011
Katie playing XBox

5 on the Fifth - Jan 2011
My fun - seeing Levi Kreis perform live

5 on the Fifth - Jan 2011
After the show, Eric Himan surrounded by Margie, Kathy, Jeff and Eileen

Look forward to seeing what everyone else has to offer. Feel free to post some pictures, and visit Stephen here to list your post with everyone else.


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