Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Morning with Dave Koz

Dave Koz
Dave Koz

This morning I thought I would drop a little Dave Koz on you, cause I think his music is great, and he is a sexy out man. Everything I would love to be snuggling with this morning. And Jazz on a Sunday morning seems just about right. The first is the video for Faces of the Heart.

Next up is a live recording of You Make Me Smile featuring Jeff Lorber. There is just a nice energy to this song.

Yes, I do enjoy the song, but watching him move on Castle of Dreams is just really sexy to me.

For more about Dave Koz, check out his website here. And have a great Sunday.


  1. He is great. He is sexy. Can you imagine how talented that mouth is?

    Thanks for the nomination... I will try & answer today!

  2. Stephen, glad you agree, And your post was fantastic.

  3. i think my neighbor told me that he's good friends with this gent and that this gent always stays with him & his wife when he's in town. he musta told me 'cause he knows we're gay and figured we knew dave was gay.

    i didn't even know who he was.

  4. Norma, LOL. But I do love Dave Koz' music, and you can find him on my iPod!



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