Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Theo Tams - Manhatan Blue

Theo Tams Manhattan Blue photo ManhattanBlue001_zpsa5d55791.jpg
Theo Tams Manhattan Blue photo ManhattanBlue005_zpsf72a7bc2.jpg

As I hear intermittent reports about Theo Tams working on a new album, I am reminded that he released a new video over the summer, and I love it, but have been somewhat patiently waiting for his record company to make it available to people outside of Canada to even watch on YouTube. Well, many months later, I have given up on Sony Music Canada, and have decided to give it my own treatment.

The song, Manhattan Blue, is from his first album, Giving It All Away. It is a lovely song, written by Greg Johnston, Christopher Ward, and Robert Wells. Here it is:

While I don't exactly get it, I can see the Behind The Scenes video, which you can see below. You get to see Theo chatting about the video, and chat with his costars, Canadian dancing sensations Tara-Jean Popowich and Vincente Desjardins, a sexy pair, indeed. In the second season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, they finished 1-2, with Tara-Jean taking home the prize.

And here are some screen caps of the video. Enjoy them!

Theo Tams Manhattan Blue photo ManhattanBlue004_zps43ca1a0c.jpg
Theo Tams Manhattan Blue photo ManhattanBlue003_zps19ef4c15.jpg

I really like the video, with it's slightly smokey feel and romantic journey. And, well, Vincente is rather hot to look at. But so is Theo, and to see him perform at the piano is very nice as well. I have my own copy of the video - all bought and paid for - so no one needs to worry! I just wish Sony Music Canada would loosen up a bit and let Americans watch it on YouTube, and maybe allow more people to see it. But take my word for it, it is wonderful. Or you can check it out on Theo's official website here. While you are there, you can check out all the information about Theo you'd like, including on his blog. And I am sure I will have some more information about Theo's next album soon!

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