Monday, January 31, 2011

New Release from Simulover

Alex Lauterstein Alex Lauterstein
SIRPAUL & Alex Lauterstein
Alex Lauterstein & SIRPAUL

Over the weekend, I received the most intriguing email, and as I continue to recover from a illness that leaves me in coughing fits, it still couldn't keep my interest from being aroused, and some nice memories to return. And are there any memories that are sweeter than some summer memories of hot music and gorgeous men? When I got the email about a new release from Simulover, a project, a collaboration from Electronica masterminds SIRPAUL and DJ Alex Lauterstein, I instantly remembered being at a show last summer at the Triad Theatre in Manhattan, and the first time seeing DJ Lauterstein and literally catching my breathe, so impressed by his beauty. The stark nature of the dark stage and DJ Alex with his V-neck t-shirt only heightened to contrast. Soon he was joined on the stage by Electro-Pop sensation SIRPAUL, who put in a performance that will remain in my heart for years to come.

The email mentioned Simulover, and as I have been following SIRPAUL's messages for some time, I was aware the project was in the works. Well, it is beyond that point, as we can now get a taste online that will not only whet your appetite for the release in March, as you can hear with this amazing appetizer.

And because the duo know how much interest has been piqued, you can get an exclusive download of the teaser here. The eponymous album is due out on March 15th, but I did manage to secure an advance copy, and am loving the sexy, sultry sounds. Simulover sees to be offering their own form of Electronica, owing more to cool jazz than to fervent disco. Songs like Someone Else featuring Devlinelle or Lightyears, have a certain cool vibe, which builds to the point of feeling like you have just held a lover's hand fro the first time. Songs like Into Deeper remind me of the collaboration between Robert Fripp and Andy Summners, a driving drumbeat advancing the synth groove live. So Alive brings in another vocalist, Cherylyn, sweetening the pot for this sultry tune. There are other times, like during the single Unbroken, when the excitement hits a new level, like when your lover's hand slips away, touching the small of your back, his fingertips following up the spine. Yes, the tingle is certainly there, along with the need to focus on remembering to breathe from time to time. Here you can check out the clip for Unbroken.

Lauterstein is a native of Uraguay, although he has spent the great part of the last 15 years in New York City, playing his talents in the top clubs as DJ. SIRPAUL is a sexy Italian-American whose music has been making me happy for a couple of years, showing no signs of of abating. You can check out Simulover on FaceBook here, and on MySpace here.

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