Monday, January 3, 2011

New Song from Nhojj - Happy New Year

Nhojj's New Year

Over the weekend, the gifted and talented Nhojj released a new song, Happy New Year's Day. Like much of Nhojj's music, it is a celebration of love, quite joyous and strong. It has made the way onto my iPod, and I can already tell this will not be a holiday song that will see the light of day once a year, but something I will be listening to year-round. Check it out here.

To purchase the new song, click on the word 'BUY' above. You can buy it for a dollar! It is well worth it, and you would be supporting an out and proud singer/songwriter. For more about Nhojj, stop by his official website here. You can also check out his music on iTunes, including the album Love Songs, by clicking here.



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