Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tarkan • Kuzu Kuzu • Akustik

Tarkan Kuzu Kuzu

This video by the incredibly beautiful Tarkan just seemed like a perfect pick for this summer night. It has that languishing, sweaty, a bit sticky, feel to it. Of course, just the thought of an insanely handsome Turkish man singing to me could cause the ssweatiness, I know...

I was intrigued by this song, for more than just the obvious reasons. Now, like many of my readers, I cannot understand a word of Turkish, so I went out to find a translated lyric, which I did. Here they are:

Look! My arms and wings are broken
No, I couldn't hold on
Hard! To be without you is hard
I couldn't get used to
Hit this stupid head by the stone
Against the wall - to get sevap*
Then forgive me, come to me
Lean my head against your heart
I felt blue, wasted away without you
Here I came back just like you said before
How much times I wanted to bring myself to your knees
This time I burned my pride down and came to you
You can leave me if you want to
And you can kiss me
But look into my eyes and listen to me first
Trust me, I understood this feeling inside without you
I repented
Spread this hot pepper on my lips

I first watched this video because Tarkan was beautiful. I kept watching because his voice and sound intrigued me. I bought his music because it was good. Did I mention he quite sexy, too?



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