Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Regan Live at MilkBoy Coffee

Amy Regan
Amy Regan

I caught the performance of singer/songwriter Amy Regan on the 15th, on the same bill as Jake Walden and Shaun Hague at MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. She opened the show, and did a great job pulling the crowd into her music. Whether on the guitar on at the keyboard, she delivered her songs with a heartfelt approach filled with honesty and charm. Part of that charm came from her between-song banter, little snippets from the live of a singer/songwriter, like her discussion about breaking it to her family that she was pursuing music, and the ensuing music. This is On My TV Screen.

When she moved to the keyboard, she had a sweet section of the set. That included one of my favorite songs of hers from the evening, Afterthought. I think it stayed in that sweet spot in her voice, a rich bottom side that is rich and full.

For more about Amy Regan, check out her official website here. You can find her music on iTunes here, and on here.

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