Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Same Something Different On Sale Now!

Jake Walden

Jake Walden's sophomore album is available for purchase now, and as someone who has Same Something Different, I can tell you it is well worth buying. From start to finish, the 11-song collection is amazing, start to finish, with a depth and richness in his performance which must be heard. There is the joy found in cuts like When The World Lay Still, or the buoyantly positive cuts like Even In Your Doubt, to the clarion call for happiness of Simple Life, to the ethereal yet never wistful Dreamer, the melodic slice of life of Almost Brave, to the hopeful yearning of We Are Not Broken, the album streams life, pulsates with the collective human experience, and comes out on top, unfazed and undeterred, ready to look at life as the joyous and beautiful experience it is. Jake's voice soars when it should, and softly caresses other times, and never overpowered by the lush orchestration. Same Something Different is never the same as anything, but instead a series of mosaics, depicting life and love with the fabric squares of a life well-lived. Take a listen to a live performance of the title track, Same Something Different, from a recent performance.

Same Something Different is available for download on iTunes here, and on Amazon.com here. You can purchase the CD on Amazon.com here. Same Something Different is also available from CD Baby here. You can discover more about Jake and his music at his official website here. You can also find him on Twitter to tell him how much you are liking his music. Tweet him here.


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