Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Man Walks Into A Bar Video

Brett Every

Fresh off Brett Every's latest release, Man Walks Into A Bar marks the first video from the wonderful album, Menu. The song also features Jeremy Brennan. Brett is a talented Australian singer/songwriter who combines a great depth with a sense of the quirky that I find irresistible. And it is certainly found in the new video. I love the way the video plays with communication and technology.

Next there is a sweet song from the Fairy Godmother's Gone To Vegas album. Every delivers a love song with a sweetness and simplicity that is just perfect. This is Close.

Next up, I found a video of Brett singing To Sir With Love, a cover of the Lulu song, featuring Estelle Noonan. I don't think Every has ever recorded it, at least not on any of the three albums I have in my collection. But this is just lovely.

Finally, I thought I would offer a look at a live performance of Devereaux from the album Camping Out. This is taken live featuring the talents of Jeremy Brennan & Stuart West. I love the sultry feel of two men singing a love song with this retro feel.

You can easily find Brett Every's music online. Menu can be found on iTunes and Amazon.com. Fairy Godmother's Gone To Vegas can be found on iTunes and Amazon.com. Camping Out can be found on iTunes and Amazon.com. FYI: In each case, it is cheaper to download from Amazon. Who knew? I didn't, but I can tell you what I know: I have all three albums, and am damn glad I do. Brett Every is a musician and artist I am proud to support.

Brett Every


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