Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning with Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

Seems almost too perfect to bring Liza Minnelli out on this Sunday morning to sing A Quiet Thing, a song first made famous by the superstar herself on the broadway stage when she had her first starring role in Flora The Red Menace. Here, she duets with Kermit The Frog on The Muppett Show.

Although it first appeared on the musical charts in 1930, You Brought A New Kind of Love To Me, written by Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal, and Pierre Norman, was a sweet part of the film New York, New York, starring Liza and Robert De Niro. The film, a musical directed by Martin Scorsese, was a bit darker than most movie musicals ever tried to be...

Here is Liza from a recent performance on The Graham Norton Show. She sings I Must Have That Man, a song once sung by Billie Holiday.

I do have some mad, crazy love for Liza with a "Z." For more on Liza Minnelli, check out the official website here. You can check out her touring schedule, although she is currently touring Europe.


  1. That 1st pic of her with Robert DeNiro? in the pic at the back is so cool - my gosh - she looks so young there....

  2. SteveA, there are some very cool shots of Liza out there - guess that comes with growing up Judy's daughter...

  3. I need more Liza in my life ... great post.

    Also, in the Kermit video, when the lights come on and I saw her face and that hairdo - she looked SO MUCH like her mother.


  4. David, we could all use more Liza in our lives. And there are moments when Liza makes me do a double take...



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