Friday, July 22, 2011

Torchwood Preview - Dead Of Night

Torchwood - Miracle Day

While I admit that I am delighted to have John Barrowman back on my television screen, I am also enjoying Torchwood: Miracle Day very much. Tonight at 10PM on STARZ, they are offering the 3rd of the 10-part series for this season. I like the was the story is growing, although I still will admit to missing some of the characters that have been killed off in the last series. But that is water under the bridge, and I will admit to enjoying some of the new characters, as well. Last week, Lauren Ambrose was added, and she certainly showing a delicious lack of moral fortitude that should be quite entertaining in shows to come. But here is a preview of tonight's episode.

And here is another preview, just in case you need further temptation...

So don't forget to tune in tonight. And you can check them out on the web at the official website here.

Torchwood - Miracle Day


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