Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independent Ladies McBride & Benatar

Pat Benatar & Martina McBride
Pat Benatar & Martina McBride

In 2006, Country diva Martina McBride appeared on the program CMT Crossroads, singing with legendary Rock diva Pat Benatar. As is the premise of the show, they both sang the music both had become known for, and both did a great job of it. With it being the holiday weekend, I have to start with Martina's megahit, Independence Day. I have to say, McBride just looks thrilled when Benatar is singing the chorus. And rightfully so, cause Pat is laying it down.

Next up here is a rather lovely acoustic version of Benatar's Pop sensation, We Belong. I have to say, Martina returns the favor, and does a fantastic job with the song. The ladies, to put it mildly, sound fantastic together.

Well, it is kinda amazing when Benatar takes the Honky-Tonk laced song When God-Fearing Women Get The Blues and turns it into a bar-bound Rocker, soaked with a bit of whiskey-tinged blues. I swear, things like this make you realize how closely related good Rock and good Country really are.

In the final song on this post, McBride proved she was not only willing, but damn capable of rocking it out when she took the lead on the memorable song, Heartbreaker. It was also wonderful to see both ladies being so supportive of one another throughout the clips.

For more about Pat Benatar, check out her official website here. For more about Martina, check out her official website here.


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