Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning with Matt Alber

There are many sides to most of the singers, just like there is to most people. I recently came across this video of one of my favorites, Matt Alber, singing a classical piece several years ago. Before Matt became known for making great Pop music, Matt was making great chamber music, including with the amazing Chanticleer. But this is Matt singing But Who May Abide from Handel's The Messiah.

The next video was recorded in June of 2009, at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Having the benefit of an upright bass for a show, it seems Matt couldn't resist this bluesy cover of George Michael's Faith.

The final video this morning will be Matt doing what he truly does best, which is singing beautiful songs he writes. This is Matt singing Monarch in 2009 at the World Cafe Live! in Philadelphia.

For more information about Matt Alber, visit his official website here. You can find Constant Crows on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

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