Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GLEE Redux • Heart

Nat King Cole Mario Gym Class Heroes
Michael Buble Nat King Cole & Ella Fitzgerald The Association
Madonna The B52s
Top row: Nat King Cole, Mario, and Gym Class Heroes. Middle: Michael Bublé, Nat King Cole & Ella and The Association. Bottom: Madonna and the B52s.

Couples are everywhere on the first scene of the Valentine's Day show. Mr. Schue announced the need for funds for the Glee club for costumes and hairspray for Regionals coming up. Sugar Motta steps up to pay the bill, and invite everyone to her Valentine's Day party, as long as they are couples. Cause, you know, singles can be so very depressing... We cut to the auditorium, where two men are singing to the incoming Rachel and Finn. It is Rachel's Dads, who would like to plan a party in honor of their engagement and upcoming wedding. They want to have a party, and invite the Finn-Hudsons to their home. Next stop, we visit the God Squad, which is Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, and a new guy, Joe. With his sandals, Biblical tattoos, dreads, and desire to spread the word of the Gospels, he finds a group that seems like a natural fit. Although he only knows Christian music, he wants to help out with the effort to deliver singing telegrams for Valentine's to raise money for the group. And as we see Artie and Rory fighting for the affections of the wealthy Miss Motta, We hear Mike and Tina singing L-O-V-E, made popular in 1965 by the great Nat King Cole.

Brittany and Santana seem so very happy for Valentine's day, and as they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Principal Figgins, who has received a complaint about public displays of affection by Team Lesbian. Back in the chorus room, Rachel and Finn announce their plans for nuptials, only to have Kurt voice his unhappiness about that decision. He loves them both, but thinks they are making a bad choice. They are hurt, but move forward, and the rest voice their support of the couple. That is brief, for Artie rushes them off the stage to sing Mario's Let Me Love You.

Santana pledges her support to Rachel, when they are interrupted by the God Squad, who had a singing telegram for Rachel. New guy Joe sings Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine, with Sam supplying the Rap.

Santana sees an opportunity, and hires the God Squad to sing a Valentine for her girlfriend, Brittany. This confuses the newest member of the God Squad. Back in the chorus room, Rory has an announcement. His application for an extended visa was turned down, and will be going back to Ireland at the end of the school year. To celebrate the relationships he has established at McKinley High, he sings Michael Bublé's Home, a hit in 2005.

Sugar is so moved, she asks Rory to her party, and Artie is crushed. The God Squad is meeting to decide what do to about Santana's request, and there is open discussion about what the Bible says about homosexuality, as well as shellfish and crop rotation. They want to make sure Joe is comfortable, as well as the members of the church choir who seem to follow them. After the meeting, Sam goes to Mercedes locker to give her a box of chocolates, only to be rebuffed. She has told Shane about them, and he was hurt. She needs to take time to think about what she has done, and Sam walks off, also hurt. Mercedes sings I Will Always Love You, the Dolly Parton song sung by the late, great Whitney Houston.

After the song, Sam gets up and leaves the room, obviously hurt. Cut to the home of the Rachel's Dads, and we see Rachel singing with her proud and loving fathers, tackling Cole Porter's You're the Top, sung by countless people, including Nat King Cole & Ella Fitzgerald.

After dinner, the plans are announced - there is to be teenaged lovemaking. It has been arranged by the parents to give them the night together. They quickly start to fight. The plan worked for the parents. Kurt has been getting gifts and notes from a secret admirer, who he thinks is Blaine. He goes to meet him, and discovers it is Dave Karofsky. He opens up about his feelings to Kurt, who is taken aback, and tells Dave he doesn't return the feelings. In fact,he thinks Dave doesn't really love him, either. Dave is hurt, and gets up to leave. A new classmate of Dave's sees him leaving, and catches on, despite Kurt's trying to brush the meeting off. Back with Finn and Rachel, they getting along, but want to go to Breadstix, and see their friends. They tell Rachel's Dads, who realize their reverse psychology is not working, for the kids want to get married right after Nationals, in May.

Cut to Sugar's party at the Sugar Shack, where Sugar is giving lots of presents to people, and announces the God Squad, who come out to sing for Brittany, since, after all, love is love. The sing a mash-up of Cherish by The Association...

And Cherish by Madonna!

Wait, did we learn that perhaps Rory wasn't telling the truth about not getting a visa? As a surprise, Sugar brings out Blaine, and he sings Love Shack by the B52s, and is quickly joined by the other kids.

The kids all dance around ice sculptures and heart balloons. Surprisingly, there are no unicorns. But there is a dedication to the Late Whitney Houston.

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