Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drake Jensen • On My Way To Finding You

Drake Jensen
Drake Jensen Drake Jensen

I only recently learned about the music of Drake Jensen, Canadian singer/songwriter making Country music. I came across his name via Bill Northrup's Pride Showcase, and decided to look a little deeper. I discovered the handsome and burly Jensen is out of the closet, and has openly discussed his homosexuality, his journey and his music in interviews. At the moment, I am most interested in his music, which is very good! And that starts with On My Way To Finding You, an 11-song collection that speaks to the best people with strong Country music.

Drake Jensen album cover, On My Way To Finding You

The album kicks off with Where You Going With That?, a rollicking song that is filled with so much love and joy, it is hard to keep it restrained. We are introduced to his full, rich voice, blanketing the listening with warmth. There is a beauty in the simple message of I'm Here To Love You. Jensen delivers it with such honesty, I can't help but be touched. He tells the story perfectly to engage the listener. But then Jensen switched gears, and a yearning creeps into his voice with The Son I'll Never Have. From the first strains of the guitar and violin, the melancholy is so present as he speaks of the choice made by a women at the other end of the phone, and what might have been if... I Hope You Smile is a mid-tempo song, and with the steel guitar and fiddle, you know it's country. But as you listen to Drake sing, you also know there is real love, too. From the start of It's Not About Me Anymore, the retrospection is clear, leading to the anthemic chorus. The discovery of love is a beautiful thing, especially when captured so well. There is a wonderful feeling to Still On The Radio, a song of everlasting love. There is much joy to be had. As we all get older, we know a phrase like I Knew Her When can have many meanings. The first video is for the song All You Need, a truly sweet song you can catch here.

The most current video is for the song On My Way To Finding You. The video is amazing, but when listening to the track, you understand it is inherent in the track. There is a wistful feeling to it, thinking how the path we all take leads us to where we are.The honesty and soul in this song is amazing.

There is such a grace in Wash Me Away, it truly lifts the spirit just to listen. There is a big audio feel to a song that maintains a personal feeling. One the final track of the album, I Found Me brings us back to a more confessional tone, grounding the album with the role of storyteller renewed. This could be my favorite on the album! That completes the album, and the journey it takes the listener on. Grab your passport, for Drake is taking you on the road through your emotions and experiences, all while holding you safe and warm with his sonorous voice.

Drake Jensen Drake Jensen

To learn more about Drake Jensen, visit his official website here. While there, you can stop in the store, and purchase an autographed copy of his album to be mailed to you. You can also find it on iTunes and Amazon. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. Drake was moved when he heard bout the suicide of Ottawa teen Jamie Hubley in the fall of 2011. With memories of being bullied himself, Drake knew he had to speak out and let young people know that it can be better. He has taken an active role in the battle to combat bullying. He has joined Bulling.Org to bring the perils of bullying to the forefront.


  1. Howard,

    Thanks so much for this great review. Its always very moving when someone really connects to the music and conveys that to others.

    With much gratitude

    Sean Morin

  2. Sean, you are welcome, and thanks for being a part of great music, and for stopping by.



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