Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ricky Martin On GLEE Tonight!

Ricky Martin on GLEE
Ricky Martin on GLEE Ricky Martin on GLEE Ricky Martin on GLEE Ricky Martin on GLEE

Just thought I should offer up a reminder that Ricky Martin will be a guest star on GLEE tonight. He will play the title character in the episode called The Spanish Teacher, and seems to be competition for Mr. Schue on just so many levels. The kids certainly seem to enjoy having him around, at least if the candid shots above are any indication. I know I will be tuned in. And just in case you need a reminder why it is so exciting to see Ricky performing. In 1999, Ricky won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album for his 1998 release, Vuelve. Here is a video for the title single off the album.

In 2000, Ricky released the album Sound Loaded. The album sales went well, and was soon a double-Platinum seller, on the strength of the singles She Bangs and Nobody Wants To Be Lonely. The following year, he released the single Loaded.

In 2005, he released my favorite Ricky album, Life. It has a great Pop/Hip-Hop sound, and you can hear the great single, I Don't Care.

You can check out GLEE tonight at 8PM/7PM Central on Fox. You can find out more about Ricky on his official website here. You can find him on Twitter here.


  1. so excited can't wait to see this episode i've only had a crush on ricky since we were both like 10 or 12 and he was in Menudo

  2. I hear you, becca. I luvs me sum Ricky!



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