Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patrick Wolf • The Bachelor

Patrick Wolf
Patrick Wolf Patrick Wolf

I haven't run this video before, so I thought now might be a good time. Now, I am a big fan of Patrick Wolf, and I think his music is just so yummy! Here is Patrick Wolf with his video for Hard Times, off the 2009 album The Bachelor. The album was his fourth, and in some ways the most experimental of them all, although Patrick's music is never really run-of-the-mill nor boring. It certainly has the epic feeling like the others, only with a deeper undercurrent of hurt. This first video seems quite relevant to today, speaking to the hard times people endure.

Although it was the first single off the album, I decided to go with Vulture second in this post. This song grabs me because of the interesting sound, combining and electronic, industrial core, paired with Patrick's high fidelity voice. The visuals on this video are just an added level of assault on the senses, pushing it all to another level.

The third and final single off the album was fraught with Celtic overtones, and bombastic echoes. Damaris has a melancholy that is palpable, practically grabbing the listener by the scruff of the neck, demanding they partake in the feeling.

You can learn more about Patrick on his official website here. You can also find him on Twitter here. To purchse The Bachelor, you can download it from iTunes and Amazon. For more about his latest album, Lupercalia, check out my thoughts here.


  1. LOVE Patrick Wolf!!! He and St. Vincent are my jams right now. Thanks for posting!!!

  2. Brett, I am batshit crazy for Patrick. I will have to check out St. Vincent, not so familiar with that one...



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