Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Music - Holiday & Lucky Star


This is a holiday weekend, isn't it? So I thought it would be incomplete to have anything up next other than one of my all-time favorite Madonna songs. Here is Holiday!

My other favorite song from the period would be Lucky Star, and the video is just too amazing to not watch again. And again. And again. So, I can't figure out why these two songs have not been covered by some of my singer/songwriters, but then I realize it was before most of them were born... Enjoy.


  1. My #3 and #4 favorite videos of all time. #1" express yourself. #2= Borderline.

    My first Madonna album was an IMPORT before she went mainstream. Yea, I am THAT gay!

  2. Miss Ginger, I almost put Borderline up here! But they are some hellacious good videos, eh?

  3. "Burning Up" was the other song I loved during Madge's early years. My gay ass used to lip synch to that sucker in my friend Stacey's car - on the way to the Drive-In Movies! Yea, I am THAT old!

    Great post!!


  4. One of my guilty pleasure movies is "Desperately Seeking Susan," when Madge was in her '80s heyday. A young Aidan Quinn...sigh.

  5. Holiday is my fave song from the Queen of Pop! Madonna paved the way for the GaGa's of today by pushing all the buttons in a time when they were taboo!

    Lucky Star was actually released in the UK before the US and was a huge hit there! I guess in between Holiday and Luckystar is another Madonna gem - Borderline - also a great video!

  6. David, Thanx! I loves those memories!

    Beth, Another fantastic movie, and Aidan Quinn was spectacular to look at!

    SteveA, I think you are right, and people like Mae West paved the way for them all!



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