Saturday, May 21, 2011

Driving That Acoustic Carr

Wes Carr is another of those tricky Australian acts I stumbled over while trolling the internet, and have been following since. There is a certain quality in his voice, a heaping teaspoon of rock with a twist of the blues, and a pinch of soul, that just intrigues me still. And in the following clip, he just seemed to be dripping with charisma, and I was unable to take my eyes off him. This is You, which I think was his first single.

I have also kinda come to grips with the fact I won't be seeing this Aussie performing all too often, if ever. And while I would like to think I will, I appease myself with good videos from other people who love the music, like they did with the following clip. Wes can pare it back and still deliver the goods. Take this acoustic version of the song he had written, Love Is An Animal.

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