Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Music - Orgasm Addict


While not implicitly about summer, I have often found the joyous nature of some of the 70s punk bands to be a natural for the summer. The Buzzcocks, for example, are one of those bands. Here is a celebration of youth and hormones on Orgasm Addict.


  1. Great song, great band! I've got a box set of the Buzzcocks and still listen to them once in a while. It's kind of funny, because although they're a punk band, today their songs sound very melodic and pop-ish. "Orgasm Addict" is not one of those, though. haha They have a song called "You Say You Don't Love Me" that is just a sweet, sweet song.

  2. Beth, agreed, they are quite melodic, and often bordered on Pop. But I love their music sooo much.



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