Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GLEE Redux - Rumors

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac

Is all hell breaking loose on GLEE? Terri Schuester and Sue have a clandestine meeting at the mall coffee shop, and Sue announces the return of The Muckraker, the school newspaper devoted to anything but the facts. Sue continually changes her costume to stay secretive. The first edition is out, and it creates some struggles in the choir room, as Santana isn't pleased Brittany mentioned 'she plays for the other team.' And a blind item about a blond cheerleader slipping out with a big-lipped blond sets Finn off. He assumes Quinn is cheating with Sam.

April Rhodes returns to town, following the failure of her all-white production of The Wiz. She is broke, and needs to make some money. Mr. Schue talks to her about her new show, and also shares about the kids fighting. April reminds him about Fleetwood Mac and the Rumours album, written to stave off internal struggle. Mr. Schue knows he needs to devote the lesson to the album! He and April sing Dreams, the great song written by Stevie Nicks.

Brittany is chatting wit Artie, who is slowly losing his cool. She tells him she isn't cheating with Santana, cause it can't be cheating with another girl. Artie's disappointment turns to anger, and he calls her stupid. She leaves crying so Artie can sing Lindsey Buckingham's Never Going Back Again.

Finn and Rachel plan a stake out to catch Quinn. He is worried since Quinn cheated so often previously. As he and Rachel talk about loyalty and Karma, he sees Sam come out of a hotel room, and he isn't alone. Kurt follows him out.

The kids sit around the lunch table, discussing whether Sam might be gay, or if Kurt would cheat on Blaine. All based on rumour, started by Sue's newspaper. Soon we are in the choir room with Brittany and Santana, and Santana does a beautiful job with Christine McVie's Songbird.

Brittany and Santana discuss going public with their relationship, and Santana is unsure. Brittany hopes to help her out of the closet. Rachel goes to Kurt to talk about his affair, and Kurt tells her it's not true, and all the gossip is taking time away from preparing for Nationals. He's having none of it. Later, Rachel is with Finn on another stake out, and Finn still worried about Quinn. As tensions grow, we hear Fleetwood Mac's The Chain in the background.

Brittany joins the staff of the Muckraker and is interviewing Mr. Schue for the paper, asking provocative and inappropriate questions. He knows Sue is behind it. He goes to call Sue on her treachery, and she turns it on him. Finn and Quinn meet in the hallway, calling one another on reports in the paper. They start to disagree, and soon they are singing a duet of the Stevie Nicks song, I Don't Want To Know.

April and Mr. Schue sing an original song for April's return to Broadway. Miss Pillsbury watches as April asks Mr. Schue to go with her to Broadway, although Schue says no. He wants to stay around for the kids in the Glee club. Later in the faculty room, and Miss Pillsbury is eating unwashed grapes, and Mr. Schue takes notice. She is taking her medication and her therapy seriously now. She tells him it was him who inspired her, and she wants to do the same, and see him go to Broadway with April. He says no, he fears losing the kids and her, and they saved his life a year ago. Back in the Glee room, Rachel steps up to sing the amazing Lindsey Buckingham song, Go Your Own Way.

The kids cheer it on, but Quinn isn't happy Rachel sang that song to her boyfriend, Finn. Rachel isn't pleased, and she tries to call Quinn out about her cheating with Sam. All of a sudden, all the kids are involved, and Sam has to stand up and tell them he isn't cheating with Quinn nor Kurt. He was just getting some help, since his father lost his job. Kurt was lending him clothes, and Quinn helped with babysitting. They were at the hotel, cause that is where his family is living now. He storms out of the room, and the kids sit there sheepishly.

Terri and Sue have a drink with April, and they tell her about the plan to lie about Mr. Schue in the next Muckraker. Rachel and Finn go to see Sam, and hear about how his family has lost everything. He is there with his sister and brother, who look like two little Sams. They give him back his guitar, which he had sold to a pawn shop. He cries, for the first time. So do I. The next day, we see Santana in the hallway, denying Brittany's love. The kids are asking Mr. Schue about his plans for Broadway, and he says he wants to stay with them. Sam comes in with his brother and sister, and asks to do a song, Don't Stop, written by Christine McVie.

Don't forget to tune in to the Prom Queen episode next Tuesday, May 10.

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