Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whispering Alison Moyet's Name

Alison Moyet
Alison Moyet

You know, as far as I am concerned, Alison Moyet is all kinds of brilliant. There can be no argument. I mean, listen to that voice, that delivery, that control. All of that combined just mesmerizes me. Whether she was with Vince Clarke in Yaz/Yazoo, or in her colo career, I just can't help but stop and give a listen. One example of this would be the incredible Invisible from the 1984 album Alf. It is impossible not to adore this song.

At first I was enchanted by the charm of this video. Soon I realized it was also a wonderful song, and Alison was singing her heart out on it! Is This Love? is from the 1987 album Raindancing.

From the same album, Ordinary Girl continues to deliver on a recurring theme for Moyet - love. In this case, it is love that is broken, but love nonetheless.

In a great appearance on the UK TV show Top of the Pops, All Cried Out from the 1984 album Alf just soared with Alison on vocals.

In 1994, Alison released the album Essex, and it has this fantastic song on it.
Whispering Your Name also included the outrageously funny Dawn French in the video, sure to make everyone laugh!

I've seen in interviews that the song Weak In The Presence of Beauty from Raindancingwas inspired by the birth of her first child, and how she felt every time she looked at him. That warms my heart even more. Here is the song.

To find out more about Alison Moyet, be sure to stop in and visit her official website here. You can purchase her music wherever music is sold, including on iTunes, which you can find here.

Alison Moyet Alison Moyet


  1. Now that's a voice that is definitive blue-eyed soul - it's so powerful and full of sweet soul! I have Alf - amazing album! I forgot about "All Cried Out" - another good song on the album is "Honey for the Bees" and also "Love Resurrection" is dark and emotional.

  2. SteveA, gotta love some Alison! The most amazing voice, could listen to her forever!



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