Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GLEE Redux - Prom Queen

ABBA Stevie Wonder
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So, Prom is this week, and that means all the hormones and feelings of rejection are running amok at McKinley High School. Principal Figgins had his first choice of a band for Prom, Air Supply. so he wants the New Directions to perform, and get the money for the trip to Nationals. Prom coordinator Sue is not at all happy. She has a list of songs that cannot be performed, which Mr. Schue walks out on. He tells the kids, and Mercedes is saddened, as she doesn't have a date. Neither does Brittany, but she plans on stealing other's dates, so she's happy. Rachel and Mercedes ask Sam to be their date, even if it is a date on a budget, and a threesome in name only - no funny stuff. He happily agrees. Kurt asks Blaine to go to Prom, which throws off our intrepid gay - he and a date were victims of a hate crime in his first dance. Santana can't wait to offer her services as security for the gay couple, hoping to garner some votes for Prom Queen. The girls all want their Pocket-gay to help with picking out their dresses, which Kurt happily does.

Rachel and Jesse sing an awesome version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

Jesse is apologetic, and asks Rachel to the Prom. He will join Sam and Mercedes on the budget run. Puck was ambushed by the school press, who intimate that the school thinks Lauren has neutered Puck, which has the young bad-boy on edge. He wants to spike the punch, and needs Artie's help. Puck will dance with Sue while Artie drops the alcohol. Artie resists, for he is still looking to make up with Brittany. Finn complains to Rachel about the return of Jesse, when she steps up and reminds him he is back with Quinn, and Finn has no say in Rachel's life any more. Artie has a plan, and breaks into the home economics class to sing Brittany a song. He sings Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely.

Plans for the festivities are in high gear, including Kurt, who wears a designer jacket and kilt, showing off to Finn, Blaine and his father. Finn is supportive, but his father is concerned about the statement Kurt is making, as is Blaine, remembering his own bashing. Kurt tells them this is what he is wearing, and if Blaine would prefer to not join him, he would understand. Finn goes to pick up Finn, who looks absolutely stunning in her dress. They get to the restaurant, and Finn starts to pick a fight with Jesse, which Mercedes puts an end to when she shuttles Finn and Quinn off. We find out Jesse has failed out of college, and can't find a job. But Rachel is still happy to see him. But it is time for Prom. Puck and Sam do a great job with the rather unfortunate song, Rebecca Black's Friday. They are joined by the resident rapper, Artie.

There is plenty of action with the kids dancing, who have been the focus of the show, thankfully. Rachel sings Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts while gazing across the floor at Finn. Sam asks Mercedes to dance in a sweet moment.

It is time to spike the punch and Sue catches Artie, and tries to bust him and have him turn on Puck by threatening to clean his teeth. We cut to Blaine singing Black Kids' I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You

While the song is going on, Finn picks a fight with Jesse, which Sue has to take a break from her dental torture to toss both boys out. Quinn sees her dream of Prom King & Queen going out the door with Finn. After the song, the candidates are called to the stage, and closeted Dave Karofsky is named King, and in a surprise write-in vote, Krut is named Prom Queen. He is devastated. He runs away. Blaine chases after him, and we hear Kurt telling about how hateful the vote was, and the school's way to spew their hate with hidden ballots, to poke fun of his manhood. Quinn breaks down at Rachel, and slaps her. They have a moment. Santana is hurt cause Karofsky won and she lost. But Brittany tells her she is cool, and they must go out to support Kurt. Artie will be there, cause he didn't spike the punch with Vodka, but with lemonade. He is going out there, because he won't let them win. He goes out to utter silence, and soon has the room applauding for his witty gay ways. All of a sudden, Mercedes and Santana are singing ABBA's Dancing Queen, the song the King and Queen dance to.

Karofsky bolts rather than dance with Kurt, but stalwart Blaine is there to offer his twinkle-toes. Soon everyone is dancing, and Artie approaches Brittany. Life is a disco, after all.


  1. I totally forgot Glee was on. Thanks for the recap, I'll have to catch the second run of the episode.

  2. Glad to be of assistance, my dear Behr.



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