Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GLEE Redux - New York


The show opens with George Gershwin's brilliant and legendary Rhapsody In Blue, and Rachel glowing in Times Square, with the iconic billboards and buildings all around her.

Puck is busted ordering a cocktail in the hotel bar, and Mr. Schue calls a meeting in the room, getting the kids to write the original songs. He leaves them there to write songs while he goes to check in to his show with April Rhodes. Back in the Room, Artie & Brittany sing their offering, My Cup (Original Song).

Puck and Quinn want to head out to check out the city for inspiration, and Finn wants to stay put. Quinn convinces everyone to go out in the city, and they sing Madonna's I Love New York while they are exploring.

There are hints in the song of a mash-up with New York New York from the Broadway musical, On The Town.

As the boys huddle together a bit, they try to convince Finn he nees to make his move on Rachel, and ask her out for a romantic date. In the theater, Mr. Schue sings Still Got Tonight (by American Idol champion Kris Allen, Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner) which appears on Matthew Morrison's newly-released self-titled album (on iTunes here).

He takes her to Sardés, where they run into Patti LuPone, who is sweet and tells her to never give up on the dream. They start walking down the street, and the boys start singing Bella Notte, from Walt Disney's Lady & the Tramp.

Rachel and Finn pull in close, and Finn starts to kiss her, when Rachel pulls away, saying she can't, and leaves Finn standing there, with the boys still singing. He seems lost, confused. After the break, Kurt wakes up Rachel, as they must make the pilgrimage to Tiffany's to have breakfast, much like Audrey Hepburn. Rachel admits she wants to come back to Manhattan, and Kurt agrees, saying Blaine is on board. Rachel is confused about Finn, for she loves him, but doesn't want him to get in the way of her starry dreams. To put that behind them for now, they break into the theater that houses Wicked, and convince the guard they need a few minutes. They sing a song from the show, For Good. Of course, Glinda was played by Kristin Chenoweth, who plays April Rhodes on GLEE. It seems as though Rachel and Kurt are having a friendship moment.

Singing the song reminds Rachel that performing and singing is her true love. She can't let Finn interfere with that. Back in the room, Quinn has a melt-down, wanting to sabotage the team to hurt Rachel. She is angry and hurt, and cries. Santana and Brittany try to help her, to remind her that they all need the win, to feel good about themselves. Mr. Schue runs into Dustin Goolsby, who tells him he knows about the Broadway show, but he must keep it from the kids. Of course, the stunningly handsome Goolsby immediately tells the kids, who tell Mr. Schue they know the next time they see him. He decides he can't leave them, they have one last goal together - to win Nationals! After a break, the kids are very excited, and even Mr. Schue thinks they have a strong shot at winning it all! The go into the competition and see a group performing Usher's Yeah!

Mr. Schue runs into Goolsby at the t-shirt table, who is feeling a little smug. He tells Schue the Glee kids have been running around the city all moony, but Mr. Schue tells him that the kids are gonna kick Vocal Adrenaline's butts! Rachel as moment with Sunshine in the ladies room, where they finally make nice together. That allows Sunshine to be ready to sing the first number, As Long As You're There (Original Song). Sunshine is played by the talented Charice.

Before they go out to perform, Finn confronts Rachel about their relationship. She tells him she loves him, but won't let any relationship stand in the way of her desire to be a star. They go on stage to perform Pretending (Original Song). They spend tthe song looking into one another eyes.

At the end of the song, they have a tender kiss on stage. Jessie showed up while the y were singing, to see the kiss. Mr. Schue starts applause, as the audience seems caught up in the emotion. The kids break out into their up-tempo number, Light Up the World (Original Song).

The crowd goes wild. The kids are all excited. Jessie comes up to tell Finn the kiss was unprofessional and vulgar. They start to fight, when the list is put out for the top 10, and the New Directions were not on the list. Everyone is crushed.

After a commercial, we find Kurt telling Blaine about the experience, and how Santana had a melt-down in the hotel, and the absolutely silent plane ride back to Ohio. Blaine tells Kurt he loves him, and Sam and Mercedes stumble upon them, looking for coffee. It is soon obvious to everyone but the cast that Sam and Mercedes are dating. Santana is still angry, and Brittany tells her to let it go, that in the Glee family, they all love each other and accepting of one another. Rachel finds Finn, who has been hiding out. Some kids were till mad he kissed Rachel, and ruined their chances. They talk, with Rachel admitting she loves him, but plans to leave after graduation to go to New York City. Finn just wants to love her till then. They kiss. Soon, all the kids show up for the final meeting of the year, to celebrate finishing in 12th place.

See everyone for senior year...

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