Friday, May 6, 2011

Adam Joseph's New Music Videos

Adam Joseph Adam Joseph

I've been a fan of Adam Joseph's music since the moment I heard the first minute of Flow With Your Soul, and I'd even say my appreciation of his talent has gotten stronger over time. My fingers went straight to iTunes, and before I knew it, How I Seem To Be was a valued part of my collection. And all because of this...

Well it has been far too long since this talented boy had a new album available, but I understood why. He is an independent artist trying to eek out a living, pay his rent, and fall in love, all in the big city of New York, which ain't cheap. And if you want to talk about studio time, well, forget about it! But, it turns out he has the music under control, it is the music videos he needs a hand with. Hey, I'll let Adam talk for himself about it.

So you have the story now. I know I want to have music videos I can put on this blog for you to see, so I clicked on the link, ponied up my money, and think you should too. And remember when I mentioned looking for love? Well, he is making music and video to stand up for the chance to for everyone to express their love and affection equally, so when you get the chance, why not stand up for him? How, you might ask? Well, you can fess up a bit of money so he can make videos like Finally, his ode to marriage equality.

You see the quality the boy strives for, don't you? Want a shout out from Adam on FaceBook or Twitter? An advance copy of the first single off the new album? A digital copy of the whole album? An autographed photo? Have Adam call you and sing a song? A chance to visit the set of the video? A cameo in a video? Well, all you have to do is click on the widget below, and be prepared to spend a bit of money, maybe $10 or $25, depending on what you want. It could be more, But in the end, it is up to you to make this happen!


  1. Finally. This video made me smile. Loved the song, loved the couple in the video-- i loved everything about it!

  2. Daij, agreed, it is a total winner! Hopefullly, you can find it in your budget to help support Adam!



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