Friday, May 20, 2011

Theo Tams Roadtrip

I managed to drive myself to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, because I had the opportunity to see Theo Tams performing live, and just the thought of that made me happy. Seeing/hearing him, that is, cause it certainly wasn't the almost 11 hours of a drive. However, I got to see a couple of shows that Theo did, all the better. I first discovered Theo online when I saw the video for Lazy Lovers. I had to buy the album, and was an instant fan. That was Give It All Away, a great album, and another release from it was the beautiful Wait For You.

When Theo was on Canadian Idol, which he won in 2008, he sung a song by Serena Ryder, Weak In The Knees. I think he does a beautiful job with it.

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