Saturday, May 14, 2011

Doctor Who Tonight - The Doctor's Wife

Doctor Who -The Doctor's Wife
Doctor Who -The Doctor's Wife

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, BBC America will be offering the fourth episode of the current season of Doctor Who, starring the adorable Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. Tonight's episode is The Doctor's Wife, and here is the official trailer.

As I will be in New York City to see Garrin Benfield at his CD release party, I will be missing the episode. Well, that just shows you how much I like Garrin and his music, right? Well, I hope to come back with a picture of Garrin and me, but in the meanwhile, here is a picture of the stars of the episode with writer Neil Gaiman.

Doctor Who -The Doctor's Wife

And here is another teaser of the show. It looks like great fun, and I am sorry I will be missing it. But you better believe I will be catching up the first chance I get!


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