Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Tom Goss!

Tom Goss @ DE Pride
Tom Goss & Jake Walden
tom goss,world cafe live

OK, Tom, your birthday was yesterday, but somehow or another, I screwed up. So, as I sit here listening to Sigue Sigue Sputnik, cause I was in just one of those moods, you know, I decided I would try to keep it simple, so for starters, here is a beautiful rendition of Tom's Till The End.

tom goss,michael briggs

Next is another of my favorite songs, King of Something Right. While I love the song itself, I also love how you have managed to change it up over time, always keeping it fresh.

tom goss,delaware pride

And, finally, I had to include a song from your latest album, Turn It Around, cause it is just so freaking good. I Do is a sweet song, cause even if you are picking on Micheal just a little, I know it is just in fun. After all, he is your husband!

So, after this little homage to you with videos I took at the last show in Philly, and some of my favorite pictures I have taken over the years, I figure I should also give all my favorite links, you know? Like people can go here and purchase this Turn It Around on iTunes. You can order an actual CD from Amazon.Com here. To learn more about Tom, other than what you can learn here, like he is just adorable, talented and sweet, you can check him out at his official website, here. There you can listen to his music for free before you buy it. And speaking of free, you can download some free music here. And before I finish, I thought one more picture from Delaware Pride.

tom goss,delaware pride



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