Friday, April 1, 2011

Existence by J.R., the King of Gay Music

J.R. King of Gay Music
J.R. King of Gay Music

For those who follow this blog, you should know by now I a not blowing smoke anywhere. I am writing from the heart, writing about music that touches me, in some way, shape or form. A while back, I was turned on to a video by Nhojj, and I have been searching for more about the artist so I could come from a more informative place. That isn't happening, so I just wanna share the music with you. I will start with Existence, one of the more honest and real declarations of emotion. As a quick warning, you might want to be cautious if you are planning to view at work.

Well, I went to iTunes, and couldn't find this song there, but thought it was important to support, so I purchased his album, The King Of Gay Music. If you'd like to, you can find it here. You can also find it on CD Baby to download here. In my travels, I ran across another song, one I also really liked. It is Will U Marry Me Boy?

That song wasn't on the album I purchased, either. And again, I couldn't find it. I hope I will be able to at some point. A cut I really love off the album I purchased is Addicted 2 Boyz, and after some chasing around, I was able to find it online.

But the following a clip I found online, another track I really enjoy, Nut Up/Cut Up. Such great fun!

For more about J.R., The King of Gay Music, you can check him out on MySpace here, or FaceBook here. You can find him on Twitter here. Find him, and tell him you heard his music, and are now a fan.

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