Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol 10 - Whose Egg is Laid Tonight?

AI10 Judges
American Idol Top 7

As the show opens, we see a recap of the performances from last night, and the judges misguided attempt to convince us they were all really good. Crusty asks the judges their thoughts, and they still refuse to commit to anything. Well, except Jennifer Lopez, who hopes the girls are safe. So still no real comment from the judges about who might be the strongest few still singing... So Crusty relents and introduces the first group, made up of Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob, who sing the catchy hit song by Train, Hey, Soul Sister.

If I ignore the fact this group sang together, will that be OK with everyone? Cause I don't want to think about it any further. Casey, Scotty and James performed Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Suddenly, the first performance looks really wonderful.

Time for some result, and Casey and Jacob are asked to stand up, both getting yet another recap. We learn that Casey is safe, and Jacob is in the bottom 3. After the break, we get a visit form season 7 winner David Cook. He will be performing his new single, The Last Goodbye. The song is from the soon-to-be-released album, This Loud Morning. If I am not mistaken, Cook is the last Idol winner to break the Platinum level in sales. So I am sure there are high hopes for his sophomore outing.

The performance is as good or better than just about anything we heard this week, but that ain't saying much. There is an awkward moment between Cook, his mother and Steven Tyler, but I shan't speak of it - this behavior should not be encouraged. There is a clip about the activities of the kids, from baseball games, bowling and spa-time. It is time for more results, and Lauren, James and Stefano are called to the stage to get their recaps. After all was said and done, Stefano is in the bottom three, and the other two are safe. That leaves Haley and Scotty, LeAnn Rimes versus Adele. Filling the last seat in the bottom 3, Scotty is safe and Haley is in the bottom. But we immediately find out that Crusty doesn't like this part of the night, which is news to those of us who have seen him torture contestants throughout the years. But he grabs Haley and whispers that she is safe, and can return to the comfort on the sofa.

Katy Perry will be next, singing her latest single, ET. The radio version features Kanye West. He is doing his part of the song on video, while Katy shows up in this Flash Gordon-inspired costume, very SyFy. If she is going to lip sync, can't she try to do it better? The song drags on and on, and soon Kanye is there on stage with her.

[PARENTAL ADVISORY] Katy Perry - E.T. (feat... by EMI_Music

Crusty talks to both boys before telling us the results will be known after the break. I am still hoping it could be an Easter Special, with both leaving. Randy and Jennifer both tell the guys there is much still to do, with the tour and season finale. The person leaving tonight is Stefano, so I know that Rickey will be a teary mess. He sings his way out, and I think James is close to a nervous breakdown.

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