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It's Too Late For 1 American Idol Contestant

American Idol 10 Top 6

Tonight could be an interesting night on American Idol, because there has been an overwhelming general consensus about the contestant leaving tonight, and that can be where Producer Nigel Lythgoe can be a bit more creative, and insert some drama. But you never know for sure until it happens

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Crusty tells us that a big group of fans will be disappointed their favorite is going home. The judges have their moment, with the focus on Steven. And they announce their guests tonight, Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox.

Bruno Mars Crystal Bowersox

They have a segment on the Royal Wedding, with far too many bad British accents flying. This leads to a medley of Carole King songs, with hits like Go Away Little Girl, One Fine Day and It's Too Late, among others. After a commercial break, we get to see the Ford Music video, in which the Idols sing Our House by Madness.

The runner up from last year, Crystal Bowersox, comes out to sing her fantastic song, Ridin' With The Radio, from her debut album Farmer's Daughter.

There are questions for the Idols, and Casey is first, saying he would duet with Oscar Peterson because, well, would we expect any differently? Jacob discovered the range in his voice when he was 6 or 7, via a park ranger. Lauren said the hardest part of being an Idol is missing her friends or family, especially in the South. Scotty answered a question I couldn't understand, either Crusty's asking it, or Scotty answering it. James has been in several bands, including one with Casey, Stefano, and Paul. Haley says her favorite past Idols were Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, and, of course, Kelly Clarkson. Ryan atttempts to make a Taylor Hicks joke, which seems overly petty to me.

Haley is up first, and Jimmy Iovine says she has the best voice, but her indecision as an artist might cause her to go home. After the vote, she is safe. Scotty is up next, and Jimmy says he has a subtlety that might be overlooked. We don't get an answer on him, but Crusty asks him to have a seat. Lauren is up next, and Iovine talks about her insecurities, but he thinks she is in the game for the long haul. Casey is next, and after the judge's lovefest, Iovine talks about the angry growl Casey uses every week, and that the family dog doesn't vote... But Iovine thinks he will be safe. Casey is also on hold for the results, and we take a break.

James is up first, and following the recap, Jimmy Iovine finds him believable not with heavy metal, but with Pop/Rock. And he is safe. Finally, we have Jacob and his recap, and Iovine takes a shot at the wardrobe choice, and thinks he is not safe. Crusty calls Scotty, Casey and Lauren to join Jacob, only to send Lauren to safety. As we go to a commercial break, I realize he never really mentions if this is the bottom 3 or not, so I don't know what this means. Only that we will find out who is leaving after a performance by Bruno Mars.

When we return, we get to hear Bruno singing The Lazy Song. I find the reggae beat used to be a bit overly cute, but then remember no one is voting no anyway, and just sit back to enjoy. It's not like he is singing live tonight... Come on, you know they tape some of them in advance, using multiple takes, right? You didn't? Whoops...

So we are back, hopefully learning the fate of Jacob, Casey and Scotty. This, I can assure you, is live. However, I will admit I am distracted by the commercial that says he sometimes goes commando. I wake up to hear that Jacob is safe! Going home tonight, we find out Casey Abrams is heading home, and there is no judges save to help him. Scotty is safe. There is a recap of his stay on Idol, and his plan to single-handedly bring Jazz back. Crusty reminds us that Casey is what talent looks like. I manage to roll my eyes as Casey starts singing I Put A Spell On You. He runs around, kissing ladies and young girls. And the contestants.

Casey Abrams

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