Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chad Cavanaugh!

Today is a special day for a special friend of the blog, so it only seems fitting to celebrate it accordingly. Happy Birthday, Chad Cavanaugh. Chad is a Sand Diego-based singer/songwriter, who does an awfully nice job on the guitar. I was directed to him by my friend, Bounmy, and it has been a non-stop love affair since. Take, for example, his brilliant song We Got Love. From the first time I started listening to him, I have been fascinated by his used of rhythm and percussion, as you can see here.

That song can be found on the album of the same name. You can find it on iTunes here or at Amazon.Com here. The next song, Opportunity, can be found on his Live On Adams Ave album, a cherished part of my collection.

The final video fro this morning, Dead Man Walkin', was from the first album I added, Coffeehouse Rebellion. You can find it on iTunes here, and on Amazon.Com here.

As you can see from the pictures, chad is a handsome guy, but the music proves he is more than just a pretty face. For more about Chad, you can check him out on MySpace page here, and on FaceBook here. You can also check out his blog here. Or you can find him on Twitter here. You can offer him your wishes for his day at any of those sites, or you can click on one of the links above, and purchase his music. Either way, I am sure Chad will be pleased!


  1. very nice, and not bad on the eyes either

  2. Wonder Man, as if often the case, I can't argue with you at all!



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