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NBC's The Voice - The Coaches

The Voice
The Voice - The Coaches
The Voice - Cee Lo, Blake & Adam

NBC's The Voice seem to be turning heads last week as the audiences loved watching the four coaches turn their chairs based on what they heard, just to the could get a peak at who they were listening to. The show holds the interesting premise that the Coaches are going to define the sound of The Voice of the next generation. So I thought it might be nice to spotlight the music of the Coaches before we head into the second episode. I must admit, they are an impressive lot.

The Voice - The Coaches

I'm going to start off with Country star Blake Shelton. To say he towers over the others is no joke - at 6'5" tall, he's got the them all by at least 6". He made his record debut 10 years ago, when his first single, Austin, hit #1 on the country chart. He has not looked back since, scoring eight #1 County songs, including one earlier this year. But one I really like, She Wouldn't Be Gone, was released in 2009.

I don't know what it is about Adam Levine, but he sure is a sexy beast. As frontman for the band Maroon 5, they have sold over 15 million album with only three studio albums out, starting with 2002's Songs About Jane. They were awarded the Grammy as Best New Artist in 2005, and have had several chart-topping song. Their latest, Misery, made it to #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in the summer of 2010.

Cee Lo Green is a quiet yet potent tour de force in music today. He broke onto the scene in 1995 as part of the Goodie Mob, rapping and singing on songs he had written. The group was well-received by the critics and the audience. He went on to formm Gnarls Barkley with Danger Mouse, and co-write the monster hit Crazy. As a solo artist, he just recently had the huge single, Forget You, the "PG" version of the song F*ck You. He was featured on the Grammy Awards in a glittery production that featured muppets and Gweneth Paltrow.

It is hard to figure out just what to say about Christina Aguilera that hasn't been said by countless others. For the last 12 years, her voice has been taking up top spots on all the charts, ever since her first single, Genie In A Bottle, went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. When the girl sings, there is no mistaking the talent and ability she has. Check out her singing Ain't No Other Man, which went to #6 on the Pop chart.

To open the first show, the four coaches did a great version of the Gnarls Barkley mega-hit, Crazy.

Catch the second episode of The Voice this Tuesday, May 3, on NBC at 9PM/8Central. Looks like there several more performers who will score big with the audiences once again. I am looking at you, Nakia!

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