Saturday, October 10, 2009

Joseph Opens In Seattle Tonight

New photo: Anthony in costume from Seattle Production via

According to the ad, Anthony Fedorov opens tonight in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Seattle, Washington, at the 5th Avenue Theater. It stars American Idol Alumnus Anthony as Joseph. I think Joseph might be my favorite Rice/Webber musical, for it's campiness and almost cartoonish nature makes it such a joy to watch. And speaking of a joy to watch, Anthony is a good looking young man who spends part of the show shirtless, which would be worth the price of admission. But he also has a beautiful voice. He had done the show earlier this summer, and I found this video with Anthony singing and some still pictures. He sings Close Every Door To Me.

Anthony has such a strong and beautiful tone to his voice. The end of that song gives me goosebumps! To find out more about the production, go to the theater's website here. To find out more about Anthony Fedorov, check out his MySpace here. Don't forget to check out the beautiful song Remember on his MySpace page, which he also wrote.


  1. Check out this publicity photo from Seattle, lol.

  2. Jaycarbo, thanks, and as you can see, I posted the picture! Nice shot, thanks!



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