Monday, October 19, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Wham!

Wham! formed in 1981 in the UK, when George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley came together. But they weren't a blip on the US in 1984 with the release of the album Make It Big and the single Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go), which could be found on top of the charts worldwide, as well as setting off gaydar detectors left and right. When George took the stage with the short-shorts, did anyone even notice Andrew was playing?

Wham! followed that up with Careless Whisper, a song that is still played almost non-stop on adult contemporary stations everywhere. At this time, the record company and George were trying to convince the world he was str8, even a bit of a playboy, the handsome blond singer not settling down with a woman [now we know there were obvious reasons for that]. Of course, this was long before he was arrested for propositioning police officers in public bathrooms in Beverly Hills.

In 1986, George and Andrew decided to go their separate ways. George was eager to make more sophisticated music and leave the bubblegum of Wham! behind. Post-Wham!, Andrew tried his hand as a race car driver in Formula One racing, then tried to revive his music career, before finally returning to the UK to live with his significant other, Keren Woodward of the girl-group Bananarama. George went on to super-stardom, a solo career that is marked by hit after hit. However, in the last several years, it has also been marked by oddness and appearances in the police blotters in papers across the world.


  1. How can you not dance when you hear, "Wake Me Up"?? I love that song!!

  2. such good stuff, I miss their flair

  3. Michael, you can't help but shake your booty!

    WonderMan, me too. Great pop music.

  4. Wham! certainly is worth another listen. I still have my "cassette." I have since downloaded most of the songs from it, because I don't play my old boom box cassette player (does anyone?). There's a good Christmas song on the album too called "Last Christmas."

  5. Careless Whisper brings back a great teen memory. My parents brought us to the mall to do some shopping, something we didn't often get a chance to do, since there wasn't money to spend.

    I had broken off from my pack and the instant this song started my eyes found PJ, walking across from me. PJ was from my school and he was the kind of guy girls swooned over.

    PJ was hot. He was blond, with deep blue eyes, tanned skin, a perfect smile, and a beautiful ass, he made your heart melt when he walked by. He was trying on clothes and he took his shirt off to put on another, revealing his perfect chest and his delicious nipples.

    As you can imagine, that almost made me cream right then and there. I just stood there transfixed, watching him while he changed soaking up the show while Wham serenaded the experience.

  6. John, I can't wait to start getting to Christmas music!

    Kyle, what a wonderful memory!



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