Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Release - Christopher Dallman's Never Was

christopher dallman
Christopher Dallman

Today Christopher Dallman release's a new EP, titled Never Was. It will be available on Christopher's website prior to release on iTunes, and there will be a special bonus track on the 'pre-release.' You can purchase it from Dallman here. I can't wait to give it a couple of listens and get back to you with my thoughts. You can click on the player below for a preview!


Never Was offers four songs, although buy now and you won't be disappointed! So I've listened to them all, and love it. Even stronger than his first album, which I loved and has kept me waiting for new music world a while! It starts out with Little Bit Of Blue, a sweet song about the realization some goals change as we grow older, and need to be revised. Ghosts is next, heard on the preview above. Coming Around is close to genius, at least to me. Dallman wrote a beautiful and uplifting song about a creative block and the breakthrough that followed. Finally, there is Has Been, a haunting story of self-doubt, while at the same time reaffirmation, with lyrics like:
And it just gets to me
You get what I mean?
That the best of me is still unseen

And finally, there is the hidden track. It doesn't show up until you paid for the music and begin the download. Had no clue, until I DL'ed it. Even then I said, 'Damn, it can't be that, can it?' Well, he did. And it is brilliant. It works so well with the other music. Dallman doesn't play games with it, doesn't make it all menacing, but instead showcases the lamenting pop song ...Baby One More Time is, and Ms. Spears didn't communicate. Click here for a direct link to buy it. There is a request for a $4 minimum for 5 songs. All I can say is DO IT. Support a brilliant artist, and it will enrich your life.

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